Introducing the most powerful way to expand your reach and magnify your impact!

Ground-Breaking Discovery in
Marketing Psychology Reveals How To...
Easily Position YOUR Products And Services As The #1 Solution To Your Market's Pain
Cement Your Position As A Recognized Thought-Leader In Your  Niche
Turn Clients Into Faithful, Forever-Connected Fans Who Keep Buying Your Content




My Marketing from the Core™: Expand Your Reach and Magnify Your Impact Program will show you how to

Create powerful marketing materials for your audience that will showcase you as the #1 solution to their pain, (literally creating a buying frenzy, as illustrated below.) 

  Cement your position as a recognized thought-leader in your niche.

Impact your audience in rich, profound ways so that their lives are changes forever, not just for the moment.

Draw clients to you without hard selling. When you speak to the core pattern of your audience, they want YOU, plain and simple. And your authentic message becomes your most powerful sales tool.

Keep clients coming back for more of your products and services. Many businesses make up to 80% of their income from existing clients; marketing from the core makes it a no-brainer for existing clients to continue to purchase from you and refer you to others.

Easily build rapport with joint venture partners.  Learn this powerful connecting technique to multiply your sales force, bringing more business than you could attract on your own!


Dear Online Entrepreneur,

     Three hundred people sat on the edges of their seats, rapt with intrigue as an "unknown in the industry" speaker shared her story. 

     This woman, slated alongside more popular gurus, had a table outside the auditorium door lined with her cd and dvd programs.  Just like every other speaker.

     But unlike the big names, Pat just told her story.   She never pointed folks to her products.  She never gave a call to action.  She didn't have a sales pitch at all.

     The only reason I got my hands on two of her programs was because I headed for the table just before she closed.  The moment she finished, the door burst open and masses bolted toward her table.  Within ten minutes, they'd purchased every item she'd brought except a few pamphlets.

     Unlucky latecomers complained that nothing was left for them to buy.  If Pat had brought ten times the amount of product, she could have sold it all.

     Without even asking a soul to take out his wallet.


     Pat didn't need a sales technique.  Her "connecting" message was her sales magnet. 

     See, the audience was primarily made up of creative visionaries.  Pat simply told her story in the language that was already playing in the minds of her audience.

     Masterfully, she lured us into her message through connecting with our desire to impact the world, with our inner dreams, with our own creative gifts.  She showed us she understood our longings, our hopes - that they were her own as well. 

     Even before she was half-way finished with her talk, I knew I wanted to buy everything this woman had created.  (And I have twelve of her products so far.)

     When you match your marketing message to the minds and hearts of your targeted clients, you connect with them in a way that brings instant clarity.  They feel understood, that you value their inner brilliance and know exactly how to help them.  You become the "AHA!" they've been searching for.

     Result?  The potential client feels as if you know him deeply and that if YOU understand him this well, YOU must have the answer to his pain!

     Are you getting the power of this core-connecting strategy?  

     1.  Show you understand the client's viewpoint
     2.  Validate his brilliance

     ...and the sale is yours.

     The power of connecting with another person's thought patterns to build profitable marketing relationships is what makes STEP into Destiny's™ Marketing from the Core™: Expand Your Reach and Magnify Your Impact Program so transformational.  When you connect at the core with your website visitor, increased sales result.  And, like Pat, you don't have to have a big sales pitch at all.



   When you start connecting at the core and validating the brilliance of your audience,

your readers will immediately see you as their solution, the leader they want.  (In fact, after you share your message, the people who need your product will grab it up like a treasure!)

clients tend to hire you on the spot.  (No need to worry about "closing the sale."  Your
market will REQUEST to work with you!  Heck, who wouldn't want to work with someone who gets them on such a deep level?)

  you'll attract the clients you love to work with most and fast-track their progress. (creating even more loyalty!)

your list grows AND you retain more subscribers.

you effortlessly create a raving, loyal fan base. (you're not just getting another customer, but a life-long client.)

you can completely stop worrying about your competition.  (Simply be yourself, provide value and speak your market's core language.  That makes it totally clear to your audience that YOU'RE the one with whom they want to connect.)

you earn more money.

your testimonials will showcase you as a master of your craft.

  converting existing traffic into customers becomes a natural outcome.

you easily build instant rapport with joint venture partners.

you find "networking" and creating relationships at seminars a cinch, even if you're a complete introvert!  (No awkward conversation.  When you speak their "core patterns," folks gather around you!)

     And perhaps best of all, your ability to impact others for good intensifies and expands.  Your words don't fall off folks like water off a duck's back.  They move into the core of the person and create REAL, lasting change.


     In my Marketing from the Core
program, I show you exactly how to identify the FOUR connecting patterns and identify your market's core-pattern.  (The way you connect to each type is very different and it's crucial you get it right, or you can disconnect your audience from your benefits.)

     I'll show you how to speak to your audience, help them see that you understand them, and give you the exact words/scripts to use to validate their core-brilliance.  Then we'll work together to actually create your marketing materials to connect your products as their solutions.  (in a small group GET-IT DONE now scenario)

     You'll find out

how to identify the core profit pattern of your audience (the way they are desperate for you to connect with them)

what each of the four connection types want most

Needs of each Core-Brilliance Pattern
Frustrations of each Core-Brilliance Pattern
Fears of Each
What People Appreciate about Each Pattern
What Strokes They Need to Feel Like a Million Bucks

keys to bringing the most value to each type

how to write content that rivets each core pattern, keeping them glued to the edges of their seats

what kinds of stories capture the heart and mind of each core

the kinds of calls to action that lead to sales for each of the four types

how to write headlines and emails that ensure your audience opens your messages

the kinds of videos that tend to go viral for each pattern and how to craft them

ways to identify and speak to the core-pattern of your potential JV partners to increase trust and a desire to work with you

exactly how to link the benefits of your products and services to the core pattern of your market

      Take a look at what other entrepreneurs have to say about my STEP into Destiny™ Core-Brilliance training.

"Marketing from the Core™ is absolutely brilliant.  Lisa Rae Preston has uncovered a positive, affirming, and ethical way to market to people that creates deep connection and trust right from the start. 

"I was astounded by the insights into the different Core Personality Types and put that information into practice in my writing, coaching, and marketing efforts immediately.  During the program I had an encounter with a client who is very different from me.  In the past, I would have felt insulted or defensive.  Thanks to the Marketing to the Core training, I realized he was just speaking in a different language.  I shifted into his language and instantly our working relationship grew more positive and productive. 

"The information in this course had direct application to writing books, marketing copy, sales conversations, and even family relationships.  All my interactions with others have been enhanced by this material.  I highly recommend STEP™ and Marketing from the Core™."
Lynne Klippel, Best-Selling Author and Publisher,


"After attending Lisa Preston's "Marketing from the Core™" training I was able to reevaluate most of the traditional gender research that served me as a Researcher of Relational Dynamics and Couples Coach in the past and adopt The Four Core Brilliance Types in its place. This helped me better understand the cores of the couples I work with and market to my target audience that aligned with my own Core Type.

"Lisa gave me a new awareness of myself and how I personally will counsel and market from my own core type. This deep understanding and the unique language that each core speaks, helped me use this as a guide, during the initial consultation with perspective clients, to determine whether I was the right person to work with them.

"I would highly recommend Lisa Preston's "Marketing from the Core™" and "STEP Into Destiny™" Program. Lisa's deep knowledge of the four core types and her extensive research on Human Behavior should be used in every teaching institution in the country."

~Denise Wade Ph.D.
Researcher of Human Behavior
Relationship Expert


Marketing from the Core

"The Core Brilliance™ work has changed the course of my life, and I mean that literally. I have spent 3+ years and tens of thousands of dollars in 'Guru' marketing programs. Nothing seemed to fit with me and nothing worked. I tried to 'fit' me into something that I was not. The Core Brilliance™ program not only emphasized how I am important in the world, it made me aware of my natural language and the language of my ideal clients, as well.

"This material is not presented as the 'success' material, just do it my way because I have had tremendous success. It draws out your Core Brilliance™ and gives you the ability to know your personal language and to be able to speak the language of your ideal clients. My clients and prospective clients know that I 'get' them truly. It has altered the course of my business success and my passion to help others be who they truly are and to express themselves confidently from that place.

The level of confidence that I now have has brought me out into the marketplace ( and in my personal life too) in the most effective and beneficial way. I know how to speak in an authentic way that engenders trust and rapport. That's worth a fortune to me. Thank you Lisa for your extraordinary research, intuition, and brilliance to bring this work into the world.

Judy K Katz, MCC, author, speaker


 Marketing from the Core

"In marketing, there is absolutely nothing more Priceless than Speaking the Language of your Ideal Clients!! This class takes this further than any other class in my entire life!

"After learning the 4 Brain Pattern Types I was able to use words which I KNEW would grab the attention of the people I desire to attract and ignore the people who I am not the best match for! I learned what grabs the attention of my ideal clients and what turns them off right away, regardless of what I am selling.

"In addition, I also learned to listen more intentionally, so others are more willing to listen to me when I speak using their own language. That also totally transformed my close family relationships! I am now heard instead of avoided!!

"Core Brilliance and Marketing To Your Core are two of the most useful courses I have ever taken! I love and appreciate my own gifts more than ever before and I also value others and understand why they say and act like they do, with their own unique brain patterns!! Peace and Joy beyond words is what I experienced from these classes! Priceless!!"

~Morgine Jurdan


Marketing from the Core

"My business is Doterra Essential Oils and I teach classes on essential oil use. I have found Marketing from the Core™ to be immensely helpful in figuring out how to speak to each person in the language that means the most to them. I can zero in my message for those in my class personally so they connect with the benefits of how the oils can specifically help them become healthier.

"This program has also helped me understand how best to work with the leaders I am training to help them be successful based on their personality. I can coach them in a way that builds them up and helps them succeed with their clients and trainees. I love having the Core Brilliance test available so that I can have my people take the test when I can’t quite pinpoint their core.

"I’ve been to marketing trainings before that use a cookie cutter approach and say ‘this is what you need to do.’ With Core Training I realize there are four different ways to connect, teach and train. I can now figure out the best method for the person I am working with. Marketing needs to be based on who people are to have the biggest impact.

"Thank you, Lisa. I highly recommend Marketing from the Core™ to other entrepreneurs."

~Denise Webster   



 Marketing from the Core

"Over the years I've been exposed to a number of what I call "Categories of Four"--- ways of dividing people into four categories, based on how they perceive and interact with the world. The STEP™ program is the first one, however, that offers concrete words and structures to move us past understanding and acceptance of differences into meaningful interaction, where understanding and agreement can be reached quickly and easily.

"Lisa is a brilliant, compassionate leader and teacher, who has paid her dues and can come from that deep place in the soul where truth resides. She has developed a product with a research team behind it to take her material to the next Step Into (its) Destiny.
If you are looking for a way to understand more about yourself, or to better connect with others either in your business or personal life, I would highly recommend enrolling in this training. It is well worth the investment of your time and resources."

~Margaret Blackburn


 Marketing from the Core

"The purpose of my new book, as well as my life, is to teach women they are valuable to God, regardless of their circumstances or what they've been told. Lisa Rae Preston reinforced that I need to grasp my own Core-Brilliance™ pattern before I can truly validate others in theirs. As an Empathy, I am naturally drawn to those women who share my basic thought and language patterns. In order to profoundly connect with women who operate in different core brilliance patterns, and inspire them to feel validated and worthwhile, I needed to understand how to tap into their "treasures of wealth" for their God-given greatness -whether similar or opposite to mine.

"Lisa spends an incredible amount of time with each group call, listens to each individual, allows substantive interaction, and provides the model for communicating in the strengths of each core brilliance pattern.

"This is a life-impacting course to make you and others within your sphere of influence feel valued and brilliant-just as God designed them: all because you have learned to connect from the core."

~Judi G. Reid


Marketing from the Core

"Lisa has fabulous information that makes a huge impact in working with all types of people. I love knowing that we have all 4 thought patterns which we use from time to time. This is so much more flexible than many personality traits programs that promote self awareness.

"As a core potential, with both empathy and truth traits, I love working with other potentials and naturally resonate with them. However since we make up only 10-13 percent of the population I really felt a mega need to be able to communicate in a way that would call to them to join me in making a difference to others lives and to the world !

"I encounter challenges writing copy that is specific succinct and appeals to other potentials and especially to truths and service cores. After taking Lisa's course and getting her written feedback and suggestions on my copy, I feel more confident in writing my next book and copy for my marketing materials. I look forward to having fun identifying people core styles and practicing these new skills when talking to potential clients. I

" would strongly encourage everyone to take this course to get to understand not only their clients, but themselves and their friends and families. Thanks Lisa- you are so encouraging!"

~Gina-Dianne Harding



Marketing from the Core

" I recently completed Lisa Rae Preston's Marketing from the Core™ class and highly recommend it to anyone who wants to better understand how to market to others in a way that is authentic to both you and your prospect. In fact, I'd recommend it to anyone who wants a deeper appreciation for their own personality traits and how to more effectively interact with others in your life. It's a game changer.

"By teaching us about the core personality groups that everyone falls in, the class first provided a framework on which to hang everything else we learned about our own personality preferences, strengths, and weaknesses. We then learned how best to interact with those most like us and those most different from us.

"I experienced a huge AHA when I realized which core group I was in and what characteristics were common for that group, because it explained so much about what makes me happy, sad, frustrated, and fulfilled. It gives valuable insight into why I am attracted to some people and not to others.

"The enormous impact of the course in my business is in helping me identify the core group of most of my clients so I can be more effective in understanding them and meeting their needs. No more will I throw money at various marketing strategies and hope they work. Now I am equipped with the knowledge I need to develop my products and marketing in a way that is both heart-centered and strategic for my ideal audience.

"This course is enabling me to step into my OWN destiny!"

Elizabeth H. Cottrell
Connection Coach and Master Encourager


"I have really had a lot of insights with the Marketing from the Core™ class. I found it interesting how to talk to each core type in a way that would open up their hearts and minds. My biggest aha was about myself and my own motivations! It all makes sense now.

"I'm implementing the material with my audience, and I'm excited to know I can give them exactly what they need!

"I really like Lisa and how she communicates with people. I'd highly recommend this course to other entrepreneurs as you will learn not only about marketing your products, but about your own core brilliance!"

~Kim Thornton


"Participating in the Marketing from the Core™ Training helped me to be able to better understand myself, my family and my clients.

"It helped me clearly identify my targeted audience and to realize why I naturally prefer to work with a certain audience - what it is that gets me so excited about engaging them and how to use the connection to gain attract even more clients.

"The training taught me many valuable skills to help understand how to better work with all my clients. For instance, knowing the way my audience thinks gives me the insights into how to structure my site and services to solve their main frustrations.  Connecting at a core level means I can do this expertly, in a way that brings a sigh of relief to clients who hire me to take care of their blogs. 

"Thanks, Lisa, for creating such a great program! I recommend this training to any entrepreneur who wants to understand better how to market their talents and skills and be able to do so in a manner that reaches their desired audience and clientele."

~James Moore


"Lisa Rae, thank you for answering the questions I've been asking for years!  No one I spoke to ever seemed to know the answers or how to find them, and now, here you are, sharing the exact insights I've longed for!

"By the way, I could KISS you right about now! LOL And that's with my limited exposure.  I can't say I OWN STEP™ yet - I need to roll around with it and talk to it and let it keep talking to me yet, some, BUT.....had a phone call with a client who wasn't wanting to pay us. I finally recognized his core brain pattern and found the right words to speak and *poof* he couldn't wait to pay us and wow, after this discussion he is CERTAIN that we're who he's supposed to work with!"

~Dawn Clark


"I found the Marketing from the Core class so enlightening, as it helped explain what had been going on in my own mind for so long! I identified my main audience's pattern and how to speak to them so they get what my reflexology work can do for them in a more powerful way. I've also learned to speak to other patterns so that I can effectively broaden my client base.

"Lisa also worked directly with me, analyzing my site for ways to connect profoundly with my visitors. She helped craft the benefits for my infant reflexology copy as well.

"I would recommend Marketing from the Core because it helps you see things from another's point of view - or way of looking at things!"

~Pattie Meyers,


Marketing from the Core

"I loved the Marketing from the core class as it showed me how to market my cookbook to two different types of website visitors.

"Lisa worked with me to rewrite my web copy to reach a wider audience and to describe what I do in a clear way. Now my site speaks to both types - Service AND Potentials!

"Lisa, thanks for all you did to help me be more clear with what I do and to analyze my web site to see how it can be improved for my SimplyHealed energy work! You truly are amazing! Thanks for sharing your gift with others and helping us reach our 'potential!'

"As of this week, our cookbook website is now in place at"

~Karen Sunderland


"I talk about STEP where ever I go, in my conferences and events. I have all my clients take the test so I know what's driving them and how to let them know I value where they're coming from.

"AND I've had clients want to hire me on the spot, as soon as I identify and start speaking to their core!

"Lisa's STEP into Destiny training program will make a huge difference in your interactions with others and your understanding of your own core motivations!"

~ Marnie Pehrson,, bestselling author of the Trust Your Heart series

Marketing from the Core

"If you've ever wanted to know how to maximize your time and results, especially in business, I would highly recommend you do a Core Brilliance training with Lisa. I did the Marketing From The Core training and it's changed the way I now approach all of my marketing. Lisa will provide you with insights about yourself that will help you to see your true value and unlock your potential. She will also share simple things you can do to improve your personal relationships and communicate better with others. If you're ready to finally be heard and feel understood you must do a Core Brilliance training! It's unlike anything you will ever experience. Thank you Lisa for creating such an amazing and effective training."

~Leonie Hope



Marketing from the Core

"I am so excited about sorting through and implementing what I have learned from Lisa's amazing STEP into Destiny™ Course. When I first heard Lisa (on a teleseminar) talk about how she created such an ethical system to speak directly to the people most in need of what I particularly have to offer without turning them off in any way, I knew she was speaking directly to 'my' heart and I had to find a way to work with her!

"Having just had the opportunity to finally work with Lisa recently, I have gained more confidence in starting my business and I am very grateful for her kind, supportive, and, honest-to-goodness down-to-earth way of being which has restored my faith in marketing (something I was a little apprehensive in doing based upon many methods I had seen and experienced in the past). Lisa is genuine to the core!"

~Lisa Snow


 Marketing from the Core

"I know this was a "marketing" class, but for me it was really a deeply profound journey toward communication and understanding. Discovering my "core type" answered so many questions for me! I gained an understanding of why some people follow my every word, while others stare at me as if I have two heads. I learned more about friends who have opposing communication styles and can now find common ground more quickly and easily. There is so much information, ideas, and strategies that I will be listening to these sessions over and over. One of my best investments ever!"

~Susan M. Wright
Life Coach & Author

For more testimonials about STEP into Destiny™, visit
For testimonials on working with Lisa Rae, see the bottom of this page.



Here's how it works.

   The first call will be an introductory call where we'll introduce ourselves and then lay the foundation for the training.  (Allow 90-120 minutes for this call.)

   From then on, you'll receive a recording to listen to at your leisure (before the next class).  Then on our live call each week, we'll talk about how to speak to the core profit patterns™ of your market and give plenty of time to answer questions about creating your own marketing materials.

     If you can't make one of the calls, that's fine, as you will have access to all recordings and materials.

     Here's what we're going to cover in each call.

Marketing from the Core Training Call #1  
Wednesday, July 3, 2013  12:00 PM Eastern/11:00 AM Central/10:00 AM Mountain/9:00 AM Pacific

Identify your core brilliance type and discover how to position yourself as the #1 Solution for your audience
Overview of the 4 Core-Brilliance Types (how they think, the frustrations they have, their needs, what they want to hear more than anything else)
Your Natural Strengths as an Entrepreneur
Cautions for your type as an Entrepreneur
Three Ways to Identify the Core-Profit Pattern of Your Market : Get the inside details on how your ideal client thinks and what they find most profitable.
Top 4 ways to position your products to connect with the most profitable thoughts in your clients' minds

Marketing from the Core Training Call #2
Wednesday, July 10, 2013 12:00 PM Eastern/11:00 AM Central/10:00 AM Mountain/9:00 AM Pacific

Selling through Connecting to the Service Audience: Connect, Validate, Impact
Selling through Connecting to the Potential Audience:  Connect, Validate, Impact
Discover their specific needs
Discover their deepest frustrations
Find out their worst fears
Learn what others appreciate most about them
Find out what strokes they need to feel like a million bucks
Uncover the keys to bringing the most value to that type

Marketing from the Core Training Call #3
Wednesday, July 17, 2013 12:00 PM Eastern/11:00 AM Central/10:00 AM Mountain/9:00 AM Pacific

Selling through Connecting to the Empathy Audience: Connect, Validate, Impact
Selling through Connecting to the Truth Audience: Connect, Validate, Impact
Discover their specific needs
Discover their deepest frustrations
Find out their worst fears
Learn what others appreciate most about them
Find out what strokes they need to feel like a million bucks
Uncover the keys to bringing the most value to that type

Marketing from the Core Training Call #4
Wednesday, July 24, 2013 12:00 PM Eastern/11:00 AM Central/10:00 AM Mountain/9:00 AM Pacific

Discover the kind of content that rivets each type (how to engage them so the keep coming back for more!)
How to use storytelling – which stories capture the thoughts and emotions of each core type and create a profitable scenario
How to write irresistible email subject lines and headlines for each core type
Create Buzz via Social Media (getting your audience excited to share your site)
Connect with your market's core through sales copy so they know they want to buy from you
Create the kinds of videos that tend to go viral for each pattern

Marketing from the Core Training Call #5
Wednesday, July 31, 2013  12:00 PM Eastern/11:00 AM Central/10:00 AM Mountain/9:00 AM Pacific

How to identify the core pattern of potential JV partners (and their gatekeepers) and build instant trust and rapport, creating a sales force that brings in more clients to your business
What to do when your market encompasses more than one core-brilliance pattern™
How to link your benefits to the core pattern of your market
Mapping the core-brilliance pattern™ of your team (outsourcing) to get the highest quality of work and to increase productivity


     If you have existing products or services you are selling that honestly change lives for the better|

     If you want lasting relationships with those you are serving and want  to impact them in the most powerful ways
     If you are working to create strong relationships with the perfect joint venture partners...

     If you want to create the kind of content that draws people in to your site in a natural, authentic way

     If y
ou want to attract more clients into your sales funnel and keep them moving through, continuing to purchase from you, to use you as their solution

     ...then Marketing from the Core will transform your sales material from mere "words on a page" to language that completely connects with your audience's natural buying patterns - without hard selling.  Your message becomes your magnet.  You reap the rewards of being a connector!



     With the Marketing from the Core™ program, you'll learn how to craft your sales materials and web copy to reach to the heart of your audience in the most powerful way. You will be able to use what you learn from this training again and again.  In fact, once you learn these masterful connection techniques, you will use them every single day. 

     So, for a one-time investment, you're getting private training in a GET IT DONE setting, with the goal of transforming your current marketing materials and creating the ones that most powerfully connect with your audience.

     That not only gives you the sales materials you need now, but it empowers you to be a master connector with your market as you create future content.

      The Marketing from the Core™ Business training is highly interactive, highly effective, and you'll come away with the insights and materials to connect with your market in the most powerful way possible - from their core-brilliance pattern!

       While spots are still available, you can enroll in the training for just $2997.  You can pay in one or two installments  - it's up to you. 

        You could pay $2997 to have a salesletter written for you and no guarantee that it will make any sales whatsoever.  You could shell out $2997 for a hefty copywriting course and hope to master the skill in a few years.  You could go ahead and write your book or promotional videos and not even connect with your market's way of thinking.

        Or you can invest in personal instruction in a research-based, proven strategy with the opportunity to ask questions, create your own marketing materials, get feedback and learn a skill you'll use in your business every single day for the rest of your life!  Check the going rate for elite training and you'll see that Marketing from the Core delivers exceptional value - guaranteed.


  In my Marketing from the Core program, you'll access my 28 years of research into how different personality types think and how they’re motivated. Five of those years I’ve worked with growing team of individuals to expand upon our research into human behavior.

     The cutting-edge information you get will propel you ahead of your competition who doesn't know how to connect to the profit patterns of their audience.  There's only one place on the planet you can access this kind of cutting-edge research and training.  In fact, you'll be asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement before we start working together.

     You'll also gain access to my copywriting knowledge and skills as we create your marketing materials for your audience.



Please email for dates of the next Marketing from the Core training!


Please note that all trainees will be asked to sign a
Non-Disclosure Agreement before attending the classes.

         The next step is up to you!  If you're ready to drop hard-core selling and make your message your sales-magnet ,  I'm here to help you create materials that completely connect with your audience's natural buying patterns!   Together, we'll link your benefits to the minds and hearts of your audience, expand your reach and magnify your impact!

Blessings on your journey!

Lisa Rae Preston, M.Ed.


"Lisa used STEP™ concepts in consulting with me on my latest book. She helped me identify my market's core passion, and showed me how to write the book to the interests and language of my market.  From the chapter titles to the language throughout to stirring chapter endings that encourage my reader to excitedly turn the page and keep reading - the insights in the STEP into Destiny™ program are incredibly powerful!

STEP™ is different and far better than any personality test available. I believe STEP™ is Heaven's Blueprint for solving interpersonal communication problems. STEP™ is cutting-edge research on brain and language patterning to help people identify and power up destiny. And Lisa is a master at communication and relationships.

All of Lisa's STEP™ program are incredibly valuable. I'm particularly fond of STEP™ Core-Destiny Mapping™ which helps people regain relationships with families members (loved ones) who are lost or distant, including spouses and children.

Lisa's STEP™ programs will help you, your family, and your work. The bottom line is this - STEP™ allows you to serve more people better."

~Dr. Joseph Peck



"Lisa is onto something amazing with her new Step into Destiny program. I truly believe this will have a powerful impact on anyone who wants to improve their personal or business relationships and increase their level of influence."

~Janis Pettit,


"My consultation with Lisa Rae was jam packed with ideas that I would have never been able to conceive on my on. The best part of all, is the whole campaign she concocted in just a few minutes was based on helping women and gathering a group of committed buyers for my book Earn Grow Give! The process completely aligns with the mission of FinancialWoman!

She is a savvy marketer, generous, and clearly compassionate.

I highly recommend Lisa Rae if you are writing a book and want to get your message out in a bigger way."

Camille Gaines,


"Our recent Amazon bestseller launch for Trust Your Heart: Transform Your Ideas to Income has created quite a bit of buzz and questions about what it takes to create a #1 bestseller launch of this magnitude with no joint venture partners. 

This launch would never have been possible without the masterminding brilliance and copywriting of Lisa Rae Preston. Lisa was my right-hand-woman on this campaign and it was through brainstorming with Lisa that we were able to create a win-win-win for our contributors, our readers and the book. 

Lisa encouraged me to lift the lid on my thinking and came up with something that had never been done before, something so amazing, so compelling that people would be crazy not to buy the book. 

If you need help stretching your thinking outside the box so that you take quantum leaps on what's possible, I HIGHLY recommend working with creative genius, Lisa Rae Preston. There's nobody like her!"


"Lisa's Copy Works!

After finding Lisa Rae Preston, I never create a sales page without running it past her first. She has an amazing ability to pull the benefits to the forefront and write compelling copy that keeps the visitor reading and buying.

I’ve even had people email me to tell me how beautiful my sales pages are! This program is a great bargain for getting your sales page done by a consummate professional who knows how to convert lookers into buyers."

~Marnie Pehrson,


"I thought I had some far-fetched ideas, but Lisa has helped turn those ideas into concrete possibilities.

"Lisa takes care of the overwhelming stuff, keeps me motivated and on task so that no time is wasted. She has given me valuable insight, lots of encouragement, and has dedicated her time and energy into making my dream become a reality. She is very knowledgeable about business and marketing and pays careful attention to details. I needed that.

"Lisa increased the amount of profit and value in my business by helping start it off right. I am very grateful for her coaching, professionalism, and knowledge. She helped me so that I can better help others, and that makes a world of difference."

-Essie Cade, actress, modeling instructor,


"Lisa showed us the exact blueprint to use to bring in more clients into our new internet business. She kept us moving ahead at every turn.

We brought in $36,000 in two weeks while working with Lisa, and that was from just one of our info-products. In fact, we sold out completely on our high end product, reaching our goal quicker than I ever thought possible. I will definitely be working with Lisa on other projects!"

-Tim Cole, web designer


"After working with Lisa for three months, I made more money in one week than we usually earn in half a year’s time. I was shocked that a virtual newbie in online marketing like myself could achieve that kind of success so quickly. I could never have achieved this without Lisa’s coaching and insight. She has endless strategies for success up her sleeves!"

Dawn Cole, homeschooling mom


"I just wanted to say thank you so much for everything you did for me and my business/ministry. I would not be where I am today without you. Thank you ...

Your coaching has been eye opening, easy to follow, and as I am speaking with you, I get fresh innovative ideas in my niche and marketing.

I love our sessions together because I know we are going to have a blast every time and armed with the wittiest ideas yet.

Thank you Lisa!"

Kim Thornton,


Product Testimonials


You are about to make several hundred and probably thousands of new friends! As an information publisher with many dozens of sites on all kinds of topics there is NO WAY I would ever be able to create a 52 message, one year followup newsletter series for each site. Now I am creating a rich informational autoresponder newsletter series for each of my sites with ease, and also using the software for very creative, automated content site building with blogs. The software is very simple and does the job in a tiny fraction of the time it would take me by
hand. Great job!"

-Jack Humphrey,


"Lisa...What can I say about Instant Niche Emails other than THANKS! Instant Niche Emails is not only going to save me a ton of time but your software will also make me money. I have 3 niche sites that actually have an opt-in newsletter box and I have nothing written for them. You have now given me a great tool to not only get these newsletters finally written but also start making more money with my niche sites. Great product!"

-Jeff Dedrick,


"I've been using Instant Niche Emails since it was first introduced and I can't say enough about this product.  Lisa, you are a genius! There is truly nothing else out there on the market that does what INE can do.  I have been able to easily create not only a years worth of original newsletter content, but also original content for my blogs with just a little bit of research on my part. 

The most fascinating part about this product is that no matter how hard you try, you will never create messages that sound "canned" or duplicated!   Every single time, your content is specifically tailored for your particular niche.  Even if two people have the same niche, they will never have duplicate messages.

No matter what type of online business you are in, Instant Niche Emails will save you time AND help you develop long-term relationships with your subscribers, and we all know how important relationships are to our success. This product is a 'must-have' for your business."

Patty Gale


Hi Lisa!

A great product. I started using it already for a niche I just decided was too much work to get started on- but with your tool I was breezing through the email creation- I love it!

Best wishes,

-Dave Vallieres


"This Will Make Your Life Easier - It Writes Follow-up Email Sequences!

"One of the problem many people have is in simply writing good follow-up emails. Even if the email series isn't designed just to sell a specific product.

"My friend Lisa Preston, whom I met while speaking at a seminar in Las Vegas sponsored by Jason Cox, has solved this problem. Lisa has created a piece of software that you input some data into (like articles, product reviews, etc., and then it spits out a series of 52 follow-up  emails that you can then just cut and paste into your autoresponders.

"I spent about 2 hours yesterday creating TWO sequences of autoresponder message... for two different niches. The software worked great. It's not magic, you have to gather a few pieces of information for the software (articles, tips, product reviews, etc.) and then when you put this in the software and click the button it creates the autoresponder messages. I had most of this stuff already handy and that's why I could create the TWO messages  sequences so fast.

After you create the messages you do want to read through each one and make sure that they read smoothly and make minor changes if desired. However, the software does output a pretty good product."

-Willie Crawford,


Internship Program, Consulting and
Internship Training Creation Testimonials



Dear Lisa,

I just want to thank you again for the excellent work you've done putting together the intern packages for me. I've just been going through some of the material to familiarize myself before getting an intern and am very impressed at the depth of knowledge you have on these subjects.

The way you put the 3 levels together and how they flow well into and build upon each other is absolutely wonderful. I know that my interns will get a great education while using the materials in these training packages and I'll end up with great prospective employees not just interns.

Your professionalism through the process of designing these modules was awesome. I had no idea where to start and you walked me through getting my information together in an effortless way I hardly thought I did anything. Pretty much made it fill-in-the-blank easy for me and then POOF! It was done!

Again, thank you so much Lisa,

Cindy Running


I thoroughly enjoyed working with Lisa on every level. She  is knowledgeable. professional, caring and very funny. She makes work seem like a party.

Lisa covered all point of the program very clearly and gave a lot of extra insight based on her experiences and what might happen. I appreciate the extra time she always took to explain any questions that I had.

As the idea of a “Free Work Force” was a new concept to me, I was not sure what to expect. Because I am so new to internet marketing, I was a little overwhelmed in the beginning. As the program unfolded, it was clear that she
had a great program that worked and that I was going to easily be able to implement it.

After going through the entire program that Lisa created for my business, I am confident that I have the knowledge and will be professional and prepared to use the “Free Work Force” Training Program. I am very excited to get started and will be looking forward to working with my interns next quarter.

If you are considering the “Free Work Force” Intern program, I encourage you to make the decision NOW. The program is worth many times more than what she is charging. Lisa over delivers with her product, assistance, knowledge and ease of presentation.

Signed another extremely “Satisfied” customer!

Cindy Parris



I am astounded at the depth and breadth of the Internship program you developed for my online business. You are the answer to my prayers.

Your friendly, clear, get-it-done style made it pleasant to work with you, and your invitation to contact you with any questions that may come up brought me peace of mind.

For the first time since I launched my Internet business, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I feel confident about the future of my business, secure in the knowledge that I will have a team to provide the research, content creation and traffic generation support so crucial to the success of any marketing enterprise.

I actually look forward to contacting colleges and universities, knowing that what I have to offer them is clearly a well thought out, high quality program that will benefit their students enormously.

Thank you!

Chiwah Carol Slater
M.A., founder,


Working with Lisa was an inspirational experience. I felt as if we had been working together all our lives. She made everything seem doable and  illustrated her points with outlines and examples.

Lisa is able to guide you to see exactly where you need to go in setting up your intern program and explains all the steps along the way. Everything becomes clear when she has finished. She is patient and takes as much time as necessary to produce understanding.

We weren't really satisfied with our current domain name. Lisa found one that fits our mission perfectly. She outlined where to start, ways to garner publicity for our non-profit, and wrote explicit and detailed instructions for all our interns.

I feel completely confident about approaching schools with the tri/quad-level training Lisa's written. The final results were astonishing, beyond my wildest dreams. We now have a step-by-step plan to attain, train and work with a team of different interns for the key positions needed to launch the business.

Not only am I confident that we can find and work with interns, I am ready to begin guiding them towards our goals. For once in my life, I have no doubts about taking my business to the next level with interns.

Richard Wescott and Nancy Green 


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