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Communicating from the Core™ PowerPak:

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What You Get in the Communicating from the Core PowerPak

1.  Communicating from the Core™ Introductory Training E-book
This introductory course reveals

How You Can Increase Your Intelligence and Creativity by a Factor of 3!
How Your Core-Brilliance Pattern™ Affects Your Destiny!
How Your Brain Showcases Your Brilliance Pattern™ and Runs Your Life!
Understanding Others through Brain Patterning (find out the secrets to what makes others tick!)
Opposite Patterns in Relationships (Ever feel like you just can't connect with some people?  There's a real reason for this - and it's all wrapped up in your core-brain pattern!)
Increasing Intuition in Relationships (When you know a person's core-brilliance pattern™, you instantly know reams of information about their preferences, frustrations, and destinies!)
When the Core is Wounded:  Why we're so easily wounded at this tender place of core-brilliance, and how to heal from the core!

2.  Communicating from the Core™ Audio Series

Healing Core Wounds  (interview with JoAnna Ashley and Lisa Rae Preston)
In this new audio, we cover the ways folks can be wounded at their cores and how to heal those scars!

Core-Connecting with Children
(interview with Amy Oliver and Lisa Rae Preston)
Have you ever wanted to know how to read your child like a book?  Find out his brilliance pattern, and you've got the blueprint to his brain!

Core-Connecting in Marriage
(interview with Rebecca Thalman and Lisa Rae Preston)
What happens if you're married to your opposite core-brilliance type?  Is there hope for real connection?  Rebecca and I discuss how your brain patterns make a huge difference in this very important relationship!

Tapping into Your Core Strengths and Talents (interview with JoAnna Ashley and Lisa Rae Preston)  JoAnna and I discuss the ways you can use your Core-Brilliance Pattern to chart your destiny!


The Power of Being Understood!

       This new Core-Connect™ method of understanding people is changing lives every day. 

       Just this past week one of my clients told me, "You don't know this, but before I started working with you, I was preparing to leave my husband.  We'd endured 28-plus years together, but I didn't think I could stand living the rest of my life in such a hopeless situation.  After your training in STEP™, my husband has started speaking to me like he did before we were married!  I hardly know what to think of it.  You and STEP™ saved my family."

      You know the wild thing?  Only SHE did the training with me.  Her husband hasn't taken the first STEP™ class!

       We all long to have someone "get us." We feel validated and stronger when we're understood. 
When you understand someone and show him by speaking his language, revealing that you understand what's going on inside his head and valuing that - your relationship with that person takes on new depth, meaning, and life.

      Imagine what understanding the thought patterns of your loved ones could mean for your most precious relationships!

      Let's take a look at how STEP™ has changed others' lives...

"In my career, I have seen a lot of hurt and pain in the workplace because managers, supervisors, owners did not care necessarily what their employees and one another's true passions were. I can see this being used tremendously in the workplace through increased productivity.

"I want to be able to speak the language and to recognize what is the core passion of my customers, my audience. I can build trusting relationship by speaking to their hearts. I know that dollars will follow.

"I feel a bit giddy! That is where I want to be with my clients and prospects, to develop that bond that develops trust. STEP™ is a tool that I’ve been seeking so many years. I am just thrilled that God has downloaded this to you and you have taken the step to give us the knowledge.

"Not only do I now understand myself better, but I will use this to help others to better understand themselves, too. I know without a doubt, Lisa, that this will have some tremendous results in my business as well as to my wife. So thank you!"

~Larry Tyler



"The STEP™ paradigm helped me recognize my husband's strengths more fully, and helped me let him off the hook for things I had perceived as weaknesses.  We are a better, more complete, and happier team because of the way STEP™ taught us to appreciate each other.  We see and make the most of what each of us brings to the marriage.  It has made us better at our relationship!" 

 ~Jamie Bartschi, MMT, MT-BC  Music Therapist and co-founder of



"For most of my life I'd been trying to pound a square peg into a round hole and unable to figure out why I couldn't make it fit. Once I took the STEP test, I began to see how everything in my life was driven by my core, and helped me recognize the signs to see what was driving my friends and family. Understanding what is at the core of someone's very being is a HUGE step in knowing how to reach them. Lisa has done an incredible amount of research for this project and is passionate about sharing it with others. If you want success in your relationships, understanding fundamental cores is a great way to start.

"The STEP™ test has given me more insight into who I am than any test I've ever taken. I believe that by recognizing my core, I am even more focused on nurturing it.

Thank you, Lisa, from the bottom of my heart. Your program really opened some doors for me."

~Joyce Moseley Pierce, author of Saving Nikki


"Lisa, you're going to be famous! This is amazing! I wish I'd had this information 20 years ago - it would have saved countless tears and frustrations!

"I finally am learning to see out my daughter's lenses and understand how she experiences life. STEP™ has…taught me to see her as unique, with her own set of tools and rules for living life, different from mine, but perfect for her.

"For any parent to try to bring up children using only their own limited systems is going to break the child and teach them conditional love. Parents have to use these tools to understand all people and especially children, allowing them to feel understood and unconditionally loved. When you learn to see life as they do, you can use the language and tools that fit that paradigm.

"There is no question that this program saved my relationship with my youngest child, and I got it just in time to enjoy our last few years together before she moved on to higher education and marriage. STEP™ is humbling for a parent, giving the perspective to create respect for the children and all others. STEP™ expands possibilities. It makes sense out of our differences, making them beautiful instead of wrong. Bless you!"

 ~Judy Hansen, author of Trusting Spirit Now

3.  You'll also access our Private Facebook Group where you can ask questions and interact with others who help folks uncover their beautiful design!

     In our Facebook Group, you can get your questions answered about how to tap into more of your own gifts and how to type those around you.

     We believe every one deserves to uncover their brilliance and see their destiny patterns!  You are no accident!  You're a magnificent, purposeful, beautiful design, and we're out to help you see that more clearly!

     When you order today, you get the e-book, 4 audios AND access to our Private Facebook Community for just $97 $47!  (audios are delivered weekly)

I want to make sure that you are 100% pleased with your material!  Go ahead and access the e-book.  If you're not thrilled with the amazing content and convinced at how this material can magnify your impact on the world, then let me know within 7 days, and I will cancel the remainder of your training and refund your investment on the spot.

We want to make sure you are served in the highest and best way throughout our training process!

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       Blessings on your journey as you STEP™ into your destiny!!

Lisa Rae Preston, M.Ed.

P.S.  With this introductory STEP training, you will find yourself looking at those around you in an entirely different light and understanding how and why the people in your life are responding to you in certain ways. 



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